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Posted on: March 7, 2009


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Born on 19th of June, 1984. My early life was full of fun and full of life. Though I was not a “Shararti Bacha”, instead I’ve always been shy, reserved and less words child, but an active and athletic kind. Always loved games, running, playing with mud and then get some tuning by mama [LOL], always trying to invent something, make something new. I have always been inspired by colors, liked drawings and coloring. I even have got a few of my masterpieces with me still 🙂

I take my school life in two parts. Part A: From Nursery class to Grade 6. When I use to go St. Marry’s Cambridge School. Part B: From Grade 7 to Grade 10. When I use to go Siddeeque Public School 6th Road. I guess I enjoyed the first part more than my second part. Reason being, I got more time playing in first half [LOL]. Then came my college life when I went Islamabad Model College for Boys F-7/3. Perhaps I count that as my “Golden Time”  as I had a lot of fun, enjoyed my two years of college life and I can’t ever forget that time. I made a few but very fine friends there, and I am so happy having them around still, even being in different parts of the world now. Then university life came with some new sweet and bitter experiences side by side, but they have actually taught me ways for living the life. Practically get to know how to deal with the situations by actually being in so many. Good, bad and even funny [LOL]

What my friends say about me! Well they say “No Me, No Life | Know Me, Know Life” 🙂

My hobbies are surfing the web, diving in the immense knowledge placed here online. I feel like having it all, know it sounds crazy but true [LOL]. I am learning ways for effective blogging. Besides I am working as an SEO Specialist in MICROMERGER [ www.micromerger.com ] as well. You can find me directly at:

E: zunnurain1984@hotmail.com

C: +92 332 514 1048

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