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A Failed State… Are We?

Posted on: March 25, 2009


A Failed State?

A Failed State?

Sometimes, I really feel myself haunted by the fear of our state being called among failed states. Since I love my country despite all its poor circumstances, and I am biased for it so I never ever would like to wake up to see the sun of the day on which it would be called a failed state or it would be broken to pieces. But if just for a second I put all my bias and patriotism aside and examine the situation carefully and realistically one thing comes in my mind and that is that if I would have been asked to analyze another state whose circumstances would be the same as those of prevailing in our country, had I not evaluated it as a failed state. My mind utters a gloomy ‘yes’. Although my heart wants to resist but I know its all in vain. It is undoubtedly shameful for us that the country which got freedom in the name of Islam with so much effort and struggles is now on the verge of being called afailed state after only 62 years of its existence.

Still there is something in my mind which says that there is no point in being hopeless. After all, being hopeless is not the solution of our problems. People who have become hopeless of our country is neither doing good to themselves nor to the state. We still have time although very little. The need of the time is that we should develop Toleranceand Honesty to our selves. The moment we would develop “honesty to your own self” in us, we would be on the right track.


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