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First Deserve, Then Desire!!!

Posted on: March 25, 2009

I am really upset and angry at a morning show today and I want to share my anger and grief. On the day when the nation was celebrating the freedom of judiciary, the host of the morning show on ARY showed somewhat negative attitude by asking what will happen if the chief justice is back now. One of the guests on her show that day, a young host of some radio station also showed disgust towards what is happening in politics and remarked:

Pata nahi hamari Kom Kub Seekhay Gi. What is the point in being so happy and distributing sweets? What difference is it going to make? I don’t know and don’t want to know who our chief justice is and what all the fuss is about?

Such a bold display of ignorance and irresponsible behavior, and that too from a DJ of a radio programme who is currently being seen on one of the leading channels of Pakistan on live television network! The host of the show agreed and that too was shocking. Don’t they know that media has some serious responsibilities towards the nation…? At least they should not pollute the thoughts of other youngsters through their programme. I was shocked to hear the expression of such immature ideas. If such people (which are quite a hot favourite radio channel among youth these days) are running FM then I am really feeling hopeless and pathetic for the future of Pakistan. If Youth are getting this kind of exposure, there is no future.

I just want to tell such kind of young people (whose more serious concerns are the celebration of valentine’s day and Basant than the celebration of national events or the success of political and serious matters which are going to determine the future of Pakistan) that you are the ones who are at least partly responsible for all the wrong people coming and ruling over us because these wrong people are aware of the fact that you guys don’t know and that you have no interest in the prosperity of your country. And your weakness is their main strength.

I want to tell such kind of “cool guys” that if you can not bother to play your role as well educated and responsible citizens for the prosperity and stability of your country you have no right to expect anything from your country either. You have no right to make grievances against the bad circumstances and the poor medical conditions, the dirty streets and broken roads, the painful condition of peace and increasing crime rate, least opportunities and jobless ness. If you don’t know your “duties” you deserve no “rights” because people who do not know how to “give” obviously do not deserve to “take”.

I would take a chance to make a plea to the producers and directors of such programs in all channels that please only those people should be invited as guests on the shows who really are role models for the youth or at least can teach them something, an advice or a lesson through the example of their life. People having immature or superficial thoughts should not be given projection because media has instant impact on tender young minds and at this time, we need to handle and lead things very maturely.


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