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I saw a Ray of Hope!

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Undoubtedly the present circumstances and the present scene and scenario of the country somewhat gives us a strong feeling of despair for our future. Each and every field we look into gives a suffocating feeling (Health, education, food, media, politics you name a thing and u ll see ‘All Down’ there) and a spontaneous yell comes out from inside us:

Ufff! What is happening here? What are we doing to ourselves!

In this suffocating environment if we see some hope somewhere it appears like a gust of fresh air. Today I came across the same gust of fresh air and since I love to highlight positive things, I ll share it here. I went to the hospital with my mother to get her physiotherapy done for her cervical. She was in the room and I was waiting outside when a lady came and sat with me. She started the chat by saying that the staff here is very friendly. Patients quickly feel better by their zeal and enthusiasm. I admitted the fact. The lady was although elderly but she was quite friendly to me. I even don’t remember how we continued to chat for a longer time and she told me about her that she has been the principal of one of the leading school systems and now she is working as a visiting faculty at the same place. On further inquiry from my side, she told that the subject she teaches is “Value Education”. That’s where I felt myself more interested. She told further that it is about teaching values. For example, they tell the students about ‘Tolerance’ and how to tolerate each other as a member of the same society. They guide them about developing control over anger. More over she also shared with me that when she inquired from her students about how many of them can not control their anger usually, most of them raised their hands which is of course very unfortunate. (Personally I don’t blame the kids for that because they do what they see elders doing). Then they advice them, share their experiences and problems and do counseling keeping their problems in view. They also focus upon teaching the focused family related values like love and respect for elders, taking care of old people and reacting patiently at things which happen against your will.

A Ray Of Hope

A Ray Of Hope

These are the things which are quickly diminishing from the society. Somehow and somewhere this fact is also greatly responsible for the worsening condition of the society. A good public demonstration of our tolerance level is well exhibited on the roads every day giving rise to the number of road accidents, quarrels in the middle of road between drivers and so on…

When I was in school each and every teacher used to teach values besides her subject. It was a part of the process of education. Media was also playing a good and positive role in teaching moral values. But with the passage of time, when education started to get commercialized and just became a business, “values teaching” got eliminated somewhere, because of being continuously ignored. Since the present education system is more focusing upon hurriedly covering the course contents than the process of learning, teachers really are left with no time during their 40 minutes period to teach something which is other than the course and which is not going to be evaluated in the exam.

In this situation I view this step as a ray of hope. Allocating separate time to the teaching of values and sharing the views, experiences, problems and observations of the students regarding that will be beneficial to the society. No matter how little, but it will make a difference. Its an appreciable step. More over the thing that I appreciate more is that the school system has on its agenda, the special counseling sessions with the parents too, to remind them and bring to their notice how their children are getting influenced by the behaviours parents exhibit at home and outside home. Definitely I am not going to name the school here because in that case all this would be taken as a publicity stunt. Its just that the strong feeling of despair and hopelessness that I continuously feel these days was somewhat soothed by this. At least there are some people who are focusing on reminding us our lost moral values which are quickly becoming extinct due to our own ignorance as well as the mercy of the westernized and ‘Indianized’ media.


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