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Unpredictable, Uncertain. Isn’t It…?

Posted on: March 25, 2009

I always wonder what life is all about. Is it running after unseen future…? Is it trying to pretend to be happy…? Or feigning satisfaction? Is it all about showing that we are too busy and too active as a part of the modern society…? Or all this is a constant struggle to get through with it some how, in one way or the other or may be its only pursuing the desire to stay alive? Is it different for every one or it is the same for all and we don’t know it…?

When we pass through some trauma or some terribly stressful period of life, life totally changes its meaning for us. For mature minds, suffering always leads to spiritual growth but sometimes this period of suffering is so crushing that nothing is left after it. One of my relatives has recently gone through the same kind of catastrophe and I m thinking if life would ever change its meaning for them now.

My cousin’s family…They are the kind of people who have a great zest for life. So lively that entertainment must be on the second number on their list of basic needs after food, where as food should also be such that it must add some fun and joy to their lives. One bad morning, they made a plan to go to their village. The time was well spent and well enjoyed. On their way back they were chatting and laughing as usual. For a moment they became quiet and that was the time when the angel of death got the chance. My cousin’s brother in law who was driving became drowsy for a second and the staring turned. The car fell five feet down off the road. The 26 year old guy who was driving died with in seconds but his foot was still pressed on the accelator. The car kept jumping like a horse in the hilly area. Finally when it stopped somehow there were two dead bodies of a son and his mother and my cousin had her hip bone and spine fractured.

In a spur of a second life showed its most horrible face to them. When our old relatives die of disease or just due to age factor, the shock is still great for us. There are so many things to miss, to remember, to cry on. But in this case the shock is much much greater and painful; as neither were they aged nor it all happened gradually like in illnesses. It is just like as if a bomb blasts near your shoulder when you are having a light chat with your friend. And all scene changes. You just find yourself hanging in disbelief for ages.

They were not the first or the only ones to suffer sudden catastrophes, I know this. But I am just wondering why life sometimes turns out to be a monster under a pretty face. Sometimes at the stage when you think that now you have understood life fully well, life changes its meaning altogether, and all your perceptions, philosophies, interpretations and beliefs appear as if laughing at you. This unpredictability is an essential feature of life but it exposes itself only when you are totally unconscious of it. I really wonder how to deal with this eccentric facet of “LIFE”, which is said to be God’s most precious and beautiful gift to man kind.


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