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Who is not Insecure?

Posted on: March 25, 2009


The other day I had a visit to my doctor. He diagnosed one new thing about me. He said:

“You feel too insecure.” This word “insecure” forced me towards a sea of thoughts. But there was only one sentence which came out: “Who is not insecure?”.

If I look at my self, I belong to a blessed home. Allah has always been very kind and merciful. Living with parents, having own house, no financial issues, loving and caring family. Admittance of the blessings that I have been blessed with, forces me to think of the people who don’t have these blessings; yet they also have to face the insecurities which have become part and parcel of the environment.

People who go out every day to earn their daily bread, which means the majority of our country these laborers, street vendors, fish mongers, shop keepers even beggars , are they secure in this pathetic condition of peace prevailing in our country? Naturally, it not only affects their psyche but also their earning. Poverty has always been their basic issue and now these unstable and least predictable political and socio-economic conditions over all are like an added misery to them. Just like adding fuel to the fire, blazing in their lives. Therefore, the future is more insecure than before for them.

Then I think of the promising youth, just graduated, full of hopes and enthusiasm, coming to the job market but neither getting good jobs nor dependable business because of the suffering economy. Are they not insecure of their future?

Another thought makes me think about the children who are being brought up and taught in the same insecure environment. My child hood was pretty much clean of these things. At least no suicidal bombings, no killings, no missing persons, no local war zones and no frequent kidnappings were there. Life was not jeopardized by killing inflation and the fear of the prophesized famine. If still I am insecure then what about the future of these children who are growing up in this scene and scenario of destruction and devastation. Will they grow into a psychologically healthy young generation to take all responsibilities of the country?

Then my thoughts floats towards the mothers and wives who see off their sons and husbands every morning and then finds their hearts in great anxiety and discomfort and keeps praying all the time for their safe return until either they come back or the news arrives. And they go through this practice every day. Are they not insecure too?

All these thoughts leave me in utter disappointment. For sometime I feel there is no ray of hope. Then just like a lightning something flashes on the screen of my mind.

ALLAH says:

Nahi hay insaan k liyae, magar wo jis ki os nay koshish ki

My brother often says that we are responsible for most of the things that happen to us. I often disagree with him, because miseries like diseases and major catastrophes are not our faults. But when I ponder upon what he says I partly agree with him. Allah has given most of the things in our own hands. The credit of what ever happens mostly goes to ourselves. The sole purpose of writing all this here is not to diagnose that we are all going to be psychologically insecure patients but to say that it is in our own hands. Instead of just pondering over social issues we need to break our silence. We have to take steps to secure the future of our generations and discourage every feeling of insecurity. Even little steps taken by us will make a difference somehow, as it is said, “Small gains make a heavy purse”. It’s we who are going to change the things and start by making little differences, not the masters. So better come out, express your self in one way or the other, if not for the sake of the mother land then, for the emotional stability of our future generations.


2 Responses to "Who is not Insecure?"

Last thing you should do is to trust a doctor, specially a psychologist 🙂 You’re all good. Wonderful insights.

Yes I believe 😉

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