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Posted on: March 27, 2009



It is a common observation in our country that mostly of the students who can’t be successful at college or tertiary level thinks that they lack the necessary intellectual ability to study. Being dejected most of them change the subject and still facing troubles even become ready to leave the idea of continuing their studies unaware of the fact that they only lack well developed study skills. Although, students just like all human beings are different from each other and different strategies work for them in improving their skills however, the subsequent ideas will be helpful in the successful development of your study skills. Although they are minor points but you will notice that, they would help you tremendously.

  1. State of Mind: The fore most important thing is your state of mind. Inspite of the well known fact that human mind can only concentrate for about fifteen seconds and then gets distracted automatically, tell your self that you are studying and doing the course to “LEARN” which is definitely going to be beneficial for you in future in being a professional. Keep in mind that the more you learn, the more you will understand the world around you and the more self reliant you will be. Try to make your mind ready and willing to learn.
  3. State of Mind:Maintain Your Concentration: While studying one thing, do not even think about the other course contents or subjects that you have yet to cover. Only concentrate on the one you are studying at that moment. The thoughts of the remaining work load has been proved to be a source of anxiety for the students which effects their performance by distracting the mind and making the studies stressful and worrying. Always keep in mind that studying in stress will make you tired much earlier than normal.
  5. State of Mind:Focus Your Self by Setting Goals: An effective way of focusing your mind and energies is to set goals. Goals will help you stay focused and monitor your progress. Simply sitting down to study has little value. You must be very clear about what you want to accomplish at the end of each study session.
  7. State of Mind:Time Management: Fix a time for study. It will make studying or reading a part of your daily routine just like sleeping and eating. When that scheduled time comes up during the day you will automatically be mentally prepared to study.
  9. State of Mind:Avoid Even Minor Interruptions During the Study Time: It is very important to keep your attention focused and avoid all kinds of distractions. Even minor distractions like SMS and missed calls on your cell phone matters a lot. Firstly they distract your mind and your tempo is interrupted. Secondly, calls or messages from your friends may talk about things that will distract you from what you need to do. The simplest solution is to turn off your mobile during your study time and keep your room locked from inside
  11. State of Mind:Take Small Breaks in Between: Do not exhaust your mind and body in one go. After every one and a half or two hours take a small break to freshen up your mind. Go out in the lawn, take a deep breath. Eat something that is of your choice and is readily available. Then after fifteen to twenty minutes start again with a fresh and bright mind. This is very effective for those students who find their studies to be very boring and dry and have got no other option than taking that course. Small breaks give you spanking new energy to cope up with the dry material you have to deal with.
  13. State of Mind:Difficult Assignments First: Work on your difficult assignments or course contents first because that is when your mind is fresh. Your difficult assignments require most of your effort. Your fresh mental energy will help you in doing that.
  15. State of Mind:Flow Charts and Diagrams: Flow charts and diagrams help you a lot in understanding what u study at a quick glance. Make a flow chart of the text that you are studying if it goes with it. According to Educationists and Psychologists, illustrations, flow charts, maps and diagrams takes a quick and deeper place in the human mind as compared to simple texts.
  17. State of Mind:Reviewing and Discussions: Reviewing and discussions have a lot of value in studying. Keep reviewing your notes that you take during the lectures, in your study time. It will clarify what are the points which are not clear in your mind about a topic. Do not feel hesitant in clearing your confusions and taking help of your instructor or friends. This is your basic right as a student. This is basically what discussions are meant for. Discussion is a case when “two heads are better than one”. They are sometimes even more beneficial than attending mere lectures and taking notes. So keep arranging discussions or combine study sessions from time to time.
  19. State of Mind:Self Analysis: Analyse yourself by writing what ever information you have in mind about a topic. It will give you a clearer picture of how you will perform in the exam. Secondly, review and carefully analyse your mistakes in your tests. What were the correct answers and how you missed them? Discuss with your instructor how can you improve your studying and test performance. Also discuss your tests with your friends who performed better. It will help you a lot in doing better next time. Just remember, everything and every one can help you in learning “something”, only if you are eager to “learn”.

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