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The hypocritical West and Islam!

Posted on: March 28, 2009

Islam and West

Islam and West

Today I have lifted my pen for the first time to express myself after I was much insisted by my friend. So I thought a lot for the whole of the week that which topic I should write on. Many issues came across my mind but I did not know where to take a start! After much brainstorming, I thought better to start write on the current situation of Muslims and Islam in the today’s world. Muslims in the world are struggling for their survival and the best or the fittest will survive in their war of Muslims vs. World. Being Muslims, we are confronted with two types of enemies (seen and the unseen). Hypocrite world is in a struggle to prove Muslims a danger to the world and so killing them like unwanted beings. They are being chopped down like carrots and it is being to us through living examples of Pakistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia and so many other places of Muslim majority. Muslims are being killed on everyday bases and the now we are getting so used to it that we do not feel pain anymore as if it is an everyday normal thing.

Our Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) declared Muslims as a one body, as if one part is paining the whole body will feel that pain. But we have forgotten these golden words. West has always criticized Muslims on every platform. On each issue, Muslims are treated as if they are the biggest sinners and west feels responsible to fix it alone! They criticize Muslim women for their veils; one can see the nuns in church with the scarves. If Muslim women adopt it, it is narrowness and on the other hand nuns in the church do the same, it is the best practices of their religion. Alas such hypocrisy and double standards!

Story don’t end here, Islam is criticized by the orientalists that Islam differentiates between male and female as male gets the double portion in property as compared to female. As male get two parts in the property and female gets one. It is so because male is liable to pay maintenance to his family and female is not. In Islam, if a man can’t give maintenance to his wife it is forbidden for him to get married. Female gets her share in the property as well as she gets her “MEHR” from her husband at the time she gets married. Therefore, the claim of Orientalists over Islam is nothing but just a stone to throw in the way. Whereas, Christianity is ethic based. There are no rules given in Christianity. In the Old Testament only 10 commandments are given. In Hinduism on the other hand, there is no specific rule of inheritance. Right of Primogeniture exists in Hindu families in which only the eldest brother gets the whole property, which inherited after his father dies, and all other family members remain deprived of their right.

Islam always has to against the mockery of the west but they fail as their claims are baseless and castles cannot build in the air!


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very well said, presented and written precisely.

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