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There have been so many things going on the Press lancer’s site ever since the blog has been created. Today I will be giving a review of all the gadgets showing in the blog. People are always looking for new Gadgets. According to one source, the search term “gadget” is the 71% of all searches! Amazing huh!!!

Ok let us start a review of a few best gadgets in Press lancer that I personally like. First gadget in press lancer that I like is one of its kinds, a Pacemaker Pocket DJ. Although it came out in the market after a long await, Tonium’s 60GB Pocket DJ is finally on sales in USA. Another gadget that was really an eye catcher is, Zunephone from Microsoft! Yes, Microsoft showing attitude this time! Microsoft is trying to put that Zunephone in competition with iPod by Apple Inc. but I feel it’s no way near it even, but still good enough to see. Next in the queue is a USB Drive with OLED screen figure print scanner. It is an amazing gadget to use. It has a built in figure print scanner with an authorization access with it. A smart one isn’t it! Ok, next one is iPod Nano compared with Samsung P3. It has been a while for the “Buy This Not That” series, but I am glad it is back. This time, we are putting the Samsung P3 up against the iPod Nano. I have to say, if you are looking for a mid-range personal media player, you should buy the Samsung P3, not the iPod Nano.
These were a few gadget updates from the site. I’ll be discussing more categories and news in a while.

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