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Think Before You Post | 10 Step Screener

Posted on: July 18, 2009

Think before PostingYou can post a picture from your mobile and reach the world in an instant, igniting a movement, launching a career or changing the face of international politics.  But take the wrong picture at the wrong time and it can cost you your job, your reputation, your career and/or your relationships.  The same is true with a tweet, a post, a status update etc.

So before your post, here’s a 10 point screener.  Just take a quick mental run-through this list before sharing.  It can change your life.

Think Before You Post

  1. Why am I posting this?  How does this post serve my desired audience?
  2. Assuming that absolute worst, would this post offend? Am I OK with this?
  3. What does this post say about me/how does this post position me?
  4. Do I have the moral/intellectual right to post this?
    • note: Even if your boss says it’s ok, your clients and colleagues across other companies collaborating on a given project may disagree. Even if your friend says it’s ok, you should check with everyone in the picture. When it doubt, ask.
  5. Would my current or future clients, employers, friends or loved ones care about this post?
  6. How can I make this post better?
  7. Is this post timely, or would I be better served by waiting a couple of days and sleeping on it before posting?
  8. How will this post inspire or inform?
  9. How can I make this post stronger/what can I remove to make this post pithier?
  10. When you have a minute, look for other bloggers who may have covered this, learn from them and link to them.  It will make your posts better.

After Posting Pose


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ZunNurain is a geek, a Blog Mentor and the founder of UltraSpectra. He writes about SEOBlogging, Social Media and everything between them. ZunNurain always has some great tips and tricks to share. This blog is a personal interest blog where he shares some general interest topics with the readers.



1 Response to "Think Before You Post | 10 Step Screener"

But…can’t you always just…remove it? I mean, sure, a few million may see it but by the time they go back and try to show someone else, it doesn’t exist anymore. The beauty of the delete button (except that damned cache file…)

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