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Search Engine Optimization – How To Generate Traffic From The Search Engines

Posted on: July 26, 2009


Traffic is what keeps your business alive on the internet. You will need to generate plenty to keep yourself in business and even more if you want to be counted among the successful e-entrepreneurs.

Generating traffic is the greatest headache for the new dot com businesses. Problem that is compounded by the microscopic budgets they are operating with. Hence, it is a great idea to seek free ways to improve your website traffic.

The good news is that with a little work and perseverance, there are many ways by which you can generate traffic for free. Here are two easy ones:

1. The King of the Search Engines – Google

Of course there are other leaders as well, such as yahoo.com, ask.com, lycos.com, which are as good. However, in popularity Google is the number one and hence, should be your first contender. In order to get read and ranked high by Google you will need to organize your keywords carefully around your page. The best technique is to have your best keywords in the first 100 words of the page and in the last 25 words as well. The search engines, particularly Google, pick up your keywords best if they are within this range.

2. Use only targeted keywords

Do not use any keywords that come to your mind. You want a good ranking; you will need to use targeted keywords. What are targeted keywords? These are keywords that are specific to your website. You will need to identify a few budget (low cost) variations of the keywords that best suit your website and then use them in your page.

The variation keywords should have their own pages but closely linked to the homepage. In fact the sub-pages should never be more than few clicks away from your home page.

In this manner, you will generate higher traffic at no extra cost.


4 Responses to "Search Engine Optimization – How To Generate Traffic From The Search Engines"

Great post ZunNurain. I’m doing research on traffic generation. Keep up the good work. Robert Brealey


Hello Robert, thank you for such an appreciation. You can contribute any information on my blog too.

I agree, there are many different avenues of advertising and so many traffic resources I have identified at least 18. It’s best to focus on ene to start with If you us SEO effectively youll save money…

Hey, Thanks for reading the article. Well can you share the information with me too :O)

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