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Health and Fitness – 6 Pack Abs Workout

Posted on: August 12, 2009


Here I am sharing a really cool video demonstration for getting six pack abs. The only thing required is consistancy of the workout. You can get abs in less than six months! Its real guys. Watch the video…

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ZunNurain is a geek, a Blog Mentor and the founder of UltraSpectra. He writes about SEOBlogging, Social Media and everything between them. ZunNurain always has some great tips and tricks to share. This blog is a personal interest blog where he shares some general interest topics with the readers.



19 Responses to "Health and Fitness – 6 Pack Abs Workout"

[…] 1. Health and Fitness – 6 Pack Abs Workout […]

I love the “at home” aspect. Most six pack exercises are dependent on you having a gym membership. How many times a week should you do this workout?

That’ll be good if you can find some 20 mins daily out of your life for yourself 🙂

Great video! Good luck in your journey!

[…] 1. Health and Fitness – 6 Pack Abs Workout […]

What happened to the video?

Bug Fixed :O) Have a look again!

[…] Health and Fitness – 6 Pack Abs WorkoutHigh-Tech Bed Has Built-In TV, Computer & Game SystemsEasy To Do-It-Yourself Bent Wood Lamp […]

Nice and easy workout, definitly worthtrying even for some1 as bz as me 😉

Haha, Yea I would like to get more on this topic in a few days. Stay tuned 😉

Horseshit. Abs are 99% diet, NOT working out your abs more. EVERYBODY has ab muscles…. under their fat. DIET the fat off, stop wasting time with any kind of ab-specific work, unless you’re already lean enough to see abs and want them bigger. Then you would do progressive resistance weight training like any other muscle. NOT crunches.

actually, its scientifically proven that males do NOT store fat over their muscles. this is only the case with females. for us its skin, muscles, then fat. the abs are one of the hardest muscles to develop, and you are definitely right about needing a smart diet. it plays a huge roll. but exercise goes into it almost equally. not only 1 percent. more like 50%

“…for us its skin, muscles, then fat.”

Are you kidding me?! Have a look at any anatomy text book written after the 16th century and you will find that you are totally wrong. The only fat found under muscle tissue is fat that surrounds your vital organs, like your kidneys. Stored fat, like the fat that covers your abdominal muscles, is directly deep to the dermis, but superficial to the muscle tissue.

I would love to see what peer reviewed academic journal you are pulling your “scientific research” from. I’m guessing it’s coming straight from your ass, which is covered by skin, then fat, then more fat, then some muscle.

Hey Gr8 work bro.. I have 4 packs and have been struggling to get the next 2.. Plus I dont have got obliqs.. So dis video is gonna help me big time I m sure..

Thnx a ton again 🙂

Hey Prashant,
Thanks for the compliments. Keep visiting the blog 🙂

Nice video , i’m definately gonna try it , dont remove this video i’m begging u.. lol

fantastic post!! I’ll give it a try. The diet needed is seriously strict if you want to show abs; don’t bother with too many ab workouts unless you’re willing to sweat it first with your protein, vegetable, and slow carb meals.

Theres a really good ab workout on youtube by keith1985nyc

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