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How To Make a Bird out of a Plastic Straw

Posted on: August 21, 2009

Bird out of a Straw!

Bird out of a Straw!


This example of “straw art” is a fun craft project, and it can also be a unique addition to any party (especially a cocktail party). Out of a simple plastic drinking straw, you can create a beautiful bird to line the rim of a glass, or stand alone as decoration. With time and patience, you can make many of these, and give your guests a beautiful keepsake to take home.

Step 1

Cut the straw. Straighten the straw. Observe that it’s divided into two sections by the “bendy” part. One section is longer than the other. Cut the longer section halfway between the end and the bend.


Step 2

Cut the short piece open. Cut it lengthwise, keeping your cut as straight as possible. You may want to trace the cut with a marker before cutting.


Step 3

Place the cut piece on a folded towel and flatten it with a spoon.


Step 4

Fold it in half, as shown.


Step 5

Cut symmetrical wings on both sides of the fold. Make sure they stay connected in the middle.


Step 6

Cut small slits around the edges to make the feather tips.


Step 7

Take the other half of the straw and press on either side of the bend to make it flat. (Do not make the bend flat.)


Step 8

Cut next to the folded edge as shown in the picture. Cut until you get to the bend.


Step 9

Divide the other piece and cut along the fold, splitting the piece in half, lengthwise. Stop cutting at the bend.


Step 10

The piece that is still folded is the backbone and tail. See picture.


Step 11

Bend the straw like the neck of a bird.


Step 12

Cut above the bend to make the bill of the bird.


Step 13

Take each of the wider pieces below the bend and wrap it around the backbone as shown.


Step 14

Tighten them equally and symmetrically into a knot.


Step 15

They should finish facing forward, in front of the neck and below the bill.


Step 16

Loosen the knot and pull a wing through.


Step 17

Tighten the knot once again.


Step 18

Cut and arrange the tail. Flatten and curve lightly with a spoon.


Step 19

Straddle and display on a glass.



This is easier than making a straw shrimp. Think of this as being on the “easy” level. When you are ready for something more intermediate, do the straw shrimp.


Things you’ll need

  • 1 plastic flex straw
  • Pair of scissors
  • Spoon
  • Towel

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