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List your hobbies and what you are good at…

If you haven’t started a business yet and you are at the idea-generating stage take some time to list all the things you love about your life. Then take that list and break down exactly why you enjoy each activity – is there a particular thing you are good at that makes it fun? Alternatively, maybe it’s the act of learning something or developing a skill that makes it enjoyable.

Translate skills into business ideas…

Next, take this list and separate the skills and activities that can be transferred to a business idea. Even list ideas that you would never actually consider starting. The act of writing concepts to paper helps stimulate creativity and excitement and may lead you to an idea you want to explore further.

For example, let’s say you enjoy watching movies and your “skill” is your ability to see many movies each month, enough that you always have an opinion of the latest flicks. This one skill, your ability to see lots of movies, could translate into a movie review website, or an email newsletter dishing out the hottest movie news.

Can’t come up with any ideas?

If you can’t find ideas from your hobbies and passions then consider finding a new idea or a proven business formula that you can apply. Often, the process of applying a system or the challenge of proving your idea can be motivation enough to create your enthusiasm.

Look for Enthusiasm not Money

Business is about money, but money should not be your sole focus. Your business should make you happy first and financially secure second. You will not continue operating a business for very long that doesn’t make you an income, but I guarantee that if you work the following formula, you are much more likely to succeed:

Happy Business Owner = Money


Money = Happy Business Owner

Enthusiasm breeds success and success will bring in profits.


About the Author


ZunNurain is a geek, a Blog Mentor and the founder of UltraSpectra. He writes about SEOBlogging, Social Media and everything between them. ZunNurain always has some great tips and tricks to share. This blog is a personal interest blog where he shares some general interest topics with the readers.


Howdy, guys!

I have been asked about the bugs for their solutions since long by my clients but today I got a really interesting bug to tackle and get it fixed!

Here goes the bug in the code and how it can be fixed 😉 Enjoy…



#define LAST 10

int main()
int i, sum = 0;


for ( i = 1; i < = LAST; i++ )
sum += i;

printf(“sum = %d\n”, sum);
return 0;

Bug Fixed:

#include stdio.h;
#define LAST 10

int main()
int i, sum = 0;

for ( i = 1; i < = LAST; i++ )
sum += i;

printf(“sum = %d\n”, sum);
return 0;

See the bug is fixed now 😉 haha!

Earlier a couple of days I posted a featured video by Ivana Sendecka 27 years old Slovak national, with passion for unfolding talents in people. Here is what she have to begin, I’ll call it innovation 🙂 Enjoy the presentation on Leadership which I think can also apply on our leadership as well:

Google Voice helps you manage your communications with a unique phone number that rings all your existing phones, a single voicemail inbox with online access and automated transcription, and lots of handy features like the ability to block spammy calls and easily record personalized greetings for your callers. Think of it as Gmail for your phone calls and text messages (watch this video to learn more). Google Voice is currently available via invitation, which you can request here.

For those of you who already use Google Voice, you’re probably used to receiving voicemail notifications via email. A couple of minutes after someone leaves a voicemail on your Google Voice number, you’ll receive an email showing who called, an automated transcript of the voicemail, and a link to play the message. You can click the link to listen to the message right from your computer.

Read the rest of this entry »

Ivana Sendecka

Ivana Sendecka

Hello guys. Today’s featured post is about a very telented super cool person Ivana Sendecka. She is one calm, friendly and very telented lady :O) How she defines herself, lets have a look 😉

Lifelong Learner | Business consultant | Coach | Web2.0 evangelist | Blogger | Reader | Listener | Passionate about life & about unfolding talents in people | Serving her best to make this world a better place!

Here is a link back to her blog: IVANA SENDECKA

Follow Ivana @: www.twitter.com/IvanaSendecka

Friend her up @: www.facebook.com/ivanasendecka

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