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Wow, this new product by SONY looks great to have! They called it “Sony Rolly”. See demonstration below…



Apple is already responding to multiple user reports that the iPad, which launched over the weekend, is having a hard time holding on to its Wi-Fi connection.

iPAd Wi-Fi

As of this writing, a thread called “Weak wifi” on the Apple Support Forum for the iPad already has 27,147 views and 223 replies, almost ten times as large as the next biggest threads, which all address the same problem. Many of the users describe how their iPad loses connectivity while another Apple product, like a MacBook Pro, maintains its connection happily:

I am having the same issue! Went to the Genius bar today with my day old iPad and described the same symptoms everyone else is experiencing to the Apple tech. He was able to replicate the weak wifi and exchanged my iPad. Now I am continuing to have the weak reception while my iPhone and MBP have full signal strength! The odds of having an exchanged iPad with the same wifi issues suggest this is an actual problem. Apple better move on this quick!!

Not skirting the issue, Apple on Monday posted a Knowledge Base article entitled “iPad: Does not automatically rejoin known Wi-Fi networks,” which assumes that many of the problems have been caused by dual-band routers. Apple suggests creating a separate network name for each band, like adding a G to the 802.11b/g network name and an N to the 802.11n network name.

No clues yet as to whether the fix is working for many users or not.

Apple also announced on Monday that sales of its “magical” tablet computer had exceeded 300,000, affirming predictions that the device would beat the iPhone’s first day sales in 2007, which totaled to 270,000.

Allpe iPad

Apple iPad

Well everyone, it looks like Gene Munster’s 700,000 day one sales estimate for the iPad was a bit generous. And by ‘a bit‘ I mean ‘a crap-load‘. In reality, Apple’s new tablet “only” managed to sell 300,000 units on Saturday. That includes pre-orders, in store sales, and people who bought their iPads in back alleys from suspiciously moustachioed black market dealers.

This press release from Apple states that new iPad owners downloaded over one million apps and more than 250,000 ebooks from the iBookstore on Saturday. Steve Jobs himself bragged that average iPad users downloaded more than 3 apps and close to one book ‘within hours’ of unboxing their new toy.

300,000 may be a far cry from Munster’s estimate, but it’s still an extraordinarily impressive number. And it breaks the recent chain of analyst under-estimations of Apple opening sales weekends. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend for Apple, and everyone who loves the tablet form factor.


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The WebX

The WebX 2010

The WebX 2010, a successful effort by bloggers of Islamabad who activated their social circles and communities to come up with a big idea of creating blog awareness through Blogging Workshop, Blogger’s Meet-up, Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing Workshop. To add the element of attraction there was a Web Design Competition too.

Lets jump into detail of this event.

The organizing body of this event were bloggers community of Behria University. The lits includes:

IEEE Behria


Behria University, Islamabad

Lets have a look at each day’s activities now 🙂

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