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Blogging 101 by ZunNurain

Want to start your blog but don’t know where to start from? Engaged in so many other things but still want to blog by Managing you Time? I have compiled a Step-by-Step Blog Mentoring Instruction Book for you guys! A short online version of which can be download from my blog. Beginners can get the most benefit out of it in general but anyone can have a read. Get it for FREE. There is no charge for awesomeness!

About the Book

In this e-Book I have tried to cover all the Basics of Blogging by covering the common questions a layman can ask. The questions are so simple yet so technical in all its real meanings like:

  • What is a Blog?
  • Where to start from?
  • Why is blogging so popular?
  • How to earn from blogging?
  • How the blogs are helpful in daily life?
  • And much more…

From Where I Can Get This Amazing Resource?

Its simple and easy. All you have to do is Click Here >> UltraSpectra << Go in the Footer area, you’ll see a signup form. Fill it and get this amazing resource for FREE!

Why Waiting Still 😉 Have Fun and Blog Your Mind!

Meanwhile I’ll see you on the other side. Have a nice day ahead.

The WebX

The WebX 2010

The WebX 2010, a successful effort by bloggers of Islamabad who activated their social circles and communities to come up with a big idea of creating blog awareness through Blogging Workshop, Blogger’s Meet-up, Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing Workshop. To add the element of attraction there was a Web Design Competition too.

Lets jump into detail of this event.

The organizing body of this event were bloggers community of Behria University. The lits includes:

IEEE Behria


Behria University, Islamabad

Lets have a look at each day’s activities now 🙂

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HP Blogger's Meet-up

As this social media and blogging grabbing the roots, big companies seem to be knocking at the gates of corporate blogging too. They are actually looking at the changing winds and making strategies accordingly. Well it is a good sign anyways! Statics shows that only 10% of the fortune 500 companies are engaged in corporate blogging.

Last week Hewlett Packard a.k.a HP called a blogger’s meet-up in Pakistan’s three major cities, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad where they engaged bloggers as a launching pad of their new HP Mini 110 notebook . I attended the Islamabad meet-up; hence, I’ll be writing and sharing my thoughts particularly about that.

HP blogger meet up

HP blogger's meet-up



HP Mini Stall

HP Mini Stall

Call for blogger’s meet-up has always been a pleasure for me. Besides that regular decided agenda, bloggers can see each other in person too and that’s the best part. Like each time I attend any blogger’s meet-up, this time too came up with some more learning and more of the ideas and more of the understanding.

Okay so this time HP was organizing the show with its HP Mini 110 notebook launch. Mr. Khalid Muhammad of Emagine Group was giving the preview of this handy technology. It was as compact as a book in its shape but a perfect blend of big technology itself.


HP mini 110

We had a good time out there with Hi-Tea too. Towards the end we talked about different prospective HP can come up with its corporate blogging.

About the Author


ZunNurain is a geek, a Blog Mentor and the founder of UltraSpectra. He writes about SEOBlogging, Social Media and everything between them. ZunNurain always has some great tips and tricks to share. This blog is a personal interest blog where he shares some general interest topics with the readers.


Telenor Pakistan, in an effort to provide a productive environment for its female employees, recently inaugurated Day Care facilities in its Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad offices. Telenor Pakistan has always been a leader in improving lives of its employees and the people of Pakistan. In such an endeavor, an inauguration ceremony of a Day Care Center took place in Lahore, which is yet another step forward in encouraging a conducive working environment.

Telenor Daycare

Telenor Pakistan VP Human Capital, Mr. Nayab Baig, Regional Director S&D Telenor Pakistan Mr. Syed Montzer Mehdi along with its employee and her daughter.



Mindjet MindManager

Mindjet MindManager Pro 8 transforms brainstorming ideas, strategic thinking, and business information into blueprints for action, enabling teams and organizations to work faster, smarter, and with greater coordination. It extends core mapping functionality with a host of simple tools—collaboration, distribution, administration—making it easy for business professionals to quickly deliver bottom-line benefits enterprise-wide.WithMindjet MindManager Pro 8, you will:

Capture, analyze, and repurpose information from a variety of sources Streamline business processes and speed decision making Easily ensure all “stakeholders” stay informed, involved, on task.

  • MindManager uses mind-mapping technology to let you capture, organize, and communicate information using an intuitive visual canvas; capture limitless ideas, data and knowledge to organize and provide focus to any task or project
  • MindManager 8 lets you consolidate vast amounts of data and ideas from multiple sources, including the Internet and corporate databases, onto a single map
  • Brainstorm freely, manage projects better, create winning business plans, prepare & deliver engaging presentations, plan & facilitate interactive meetings, increase your productivity and more
  • With the new integrated browser, search and editing features, you can stay focused on your task by staying in one application
  • Track your projects with greater ease with automated calculations of task progress, and communicate your vision and ideas by transforming your map into a clickable Adobe PDF or Flash file

Mindjet MindManager 8


Mindjet MindManager v8.1.92

Read Online Book from Google Books:

Mindjet MindManager for Dummies


Learn Blogging

Hello Guys! I am bringing you something really cool that you’ll love to join and get in. So many of you guys know whats blog but don’t know “How To?”. I am bringing you a training and interaction website where you can learn blogging and all the “How To?” questions you have in your mind. Cool eeh? 😉 So stay tuned and have a look at this Introduction and my concept of blogging i’ll be telling in coming presentations. Lets RAP*

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Ultra Spectra is a personal interest blog for publishing news articles, sharing interesting information or the research.

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