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Ok, now I am going to upload the summary of each day’s lecture here. The notes are available online (will put up the link as well). Just keep looking for the latest buzz in the course. I am sure that’ll gona be a smart course for the interested people.

Course Outline:

Session 01~ DBMS Concepts

  • Day 01~           Introduction to DBMS
  • Day 02~           Payroll System

Session 02~ SQL 10g

  • Day 03~           Retriving Data using SQL, Restring and Sorting Data
  • Day 04~           Using Simple Row Functions
  • Day 05~           Using Group Functions

Day 06~ Workshop 01

  • Day 07~           Joins
  • Day 08~           Sub Query Concepts
  • Day 09~           Data Definition Language

Day 07~ Workshop 02

  • Day 11~           Data Manipulation Language
  • Day 12~           Constraints
  • Day 13~           DBA Activities

Day 14~ Workshop 03

Session 03~ PL/SQL 10g

  • Day 15~           Introduction to Programming Languages
  • Day 16~           Interacting with Oracle Server
  • Day 17~           Control Structures in PL/SQL

Day 18~ Workshop 04

  • Day 19~           Basic Loops
  • Day 20~          Cursors and Records
  • Day 21~           Exception Handling

Day 22~ Workshop 05

  • Day 23~           Procedures and Functions
  • Day 24~           Triggers Concepts

Day 25~ Workshop 06

Session 04~ Oracle Form Developer 10g

  • Day 26~           Introduction to Oracle 10g Form Developer/Working in Form Environment
  • Day 27~           Creating Basic Form Module
  • Day 28~           Creating Master detail Forms/Working with Block and Frames

Day 29~ Workshop 07

  • Day 30~           Working with Text Items
  • Day 31~           Creating LOV’s
  • Day 32~           Creating Input and Non-Input Items

Day 33~ Workshop 08

  • Day 34~           Canvas Types
  • Day 35~           Associate Triggers in Forms Triggers
  • Day 36~           Validation + Alerts

Day 37~ Workshop 09

Session 05~ Oracle 10g Reports

  • Day 38~           Introduction Tabular and Group Reports
  • Day 39~           Master Detail Resports, Summary Reports and Formula Reports
  • Day 40~           Parametrized Reports and Report Triggers

The certification completed with a one week extention time for real time development of a Student management system module.

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