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Every website should be split into the two distinct entities, domain name and website. Manage the two separately and there will never be a problem, give the domain management to a web designer and the result could be expensive, not always but enough to justify the self management of the domain name.

Every domain registrar worth their salt will provide a simple interface which allows the domain’s name servers to be managed, simply put the domain can be “pointed” towards any server that is required, so when the domain is typed into the address bar of a web browser it knows where to go to display the website.

The chosen website designer can then be briefed on the web design and get on with their task, creating a website that meets your needs, can be developed for future needs and meets your budget.

This all sounds obvious but there are some website designers who offer to purchase a domain name and manage it on behalf of their client. Every client if they accept this assistance need to ensure who the domain name will belong to and be registered under and how much will the website designer charge if the client needs to point the domain to another website.

Now imagine if your website designer has not come up with the goods, they are taking too long to develop the website, or they are not following the brief, or even they have disappeared. If they are managing the domain name as well it is a very hard thing to get them to point the domain at another server, they will probably charge for this. Some website designers even charge for this where the relationship has been amicable but another website designer has been
selected after a period of time as the new website has the functionality required by the client.

If the cost to release the management of the domain name has not been agreed many clients can get a shock when they are told how much this could be.

So, always ensure that the domain name and the website are separated; it is much easier to mange, protects the companies or individuals identity / brand and ensures there will never be a surprise when the relationship with a website designer ends.

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